Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Mushroom Mania

After 3 weekends of scouring the soggy landscape for signs of fungal uprising, we were rewarded yesterday by first signs of the annual Bolete Bloom. At first you see only one. and then dozens reveal themselves like a Polaroid picture slowly developing. The boys call it getting your "mushroom eyes", and they're geting pretty good at it. There's nothing quite like hearing your 4 year old shouting excitedly "I found a Zeller's Bolete!!! No, wait... this one's past it".

We picked about 6 pounds of Zeller's Bolete (boletus zelleri) in under 45 minutes! On the way back from the hunt, I stumbled upon the monster in the picture. It easily weighed a couple of pounds, and it was in perfect shape!

It will help to make a great sauce for the massive crown roast of pork that we're making on Tuesday night at Tuscany restaurant.

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