Saturday, November 15, 2008

Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

Yet another digression from the tasks at hand. I must be in denial that we're actually leaving in twelve days. One of the jobs I had to finish before fleeing the continent was our new tool shed. This is a project I started last January, and I finally got the last of the shingles on it today. A deck will eventually adorn the front, but for now, the roof is good and the outside is secure enought to keep out the water.

This was a particularly satisfying project, as I did everything myself, with the exception of some assistance attatching the roof rafters. It surpasses code, and when insulated, could actually be lived in if necessary. The doors are custom made from fir truck decking, and I built all the door jamb stuff. Same with the fir knee braces that hold up the roof. Geeky, but really fun. Now I just need to run 220 service to it from our main panel...

Tomorrow we start to assemble all our gear in the family room to see how many bags we ultimately have and how much they weigh. More to come tomorrow.

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jcree said...

I take offense to not being mentioned as an aid in the building of this shed. I specifically recall holding up a wall while you nailed in the posts. Do not deny me my 5 minutes of fame!