Friday, November 21, 2008

Drawer Lint And Yorkshire Pudding

Cleaning. Organizing. Packing. 3 words that strike terror into the hearts of most men. A man that can lasso a moose with a rope he wove himself from cedar bark ripped from trees with his bare teeth can be reduced to tears at the prospect of removing every last bit of lint from every drawer in the house. At least I can. And for the record, I was exaggerating a little bit about that moose stuff. It was a Douglas Fir, and not a cedar.

We're packing stuff up, and its irritating. I'm finding stuff I had forgotten I had, and that's God's way of saying "Dude, you have too much shit...". Perhaps it would have been phrased differently in the Old Testament. "Take thine posessions, and packeth they neatly into vessels of the finest cardboard, lest ye be anointed in the dung that be flungeth from thine enemies, in my mercy..." You get the drift. We have to get everything into boxes and locked up in a room by Tuesday night for our incoming tenant, who arrives from Denver on December 1st. We have most of our other stuff pretty much packed up, except for a change of clothes each. Electronics gear aside, its going to be New Adventures In Asceticism, because we're taking a toothbrush, change of undies, shorts, and the clothes on our backs. Begging bowls are optional.

In the ongoing effort to divest the freezers of their contents before we flee, I am preparing a venison roast from the deer I got last year. In addition, there are roast potatoes, roasted beets in balsamic, carrots, brocolli, and...... Yorkshire Pudding! Sometimes, the comfort food is just the ticket to combat the rain and the prospect of boxing up EVERYTHING.

Speaking of comfort food, I came across a great web site about the food in Singapore. If it sounds like I have an obsession about Singapore, I do, but its nothing like the obsessed people on this site, Singapore Food Site. There is a great "Hall of Fame", as well as a "Hall of Shame" for Singapore hawkers. Down towards the bottom is the real gem. Mom's Recipes. All the Hawker stall classics are there, and the recipes are truly authentic. Check it out!

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