Friday, March 13, 2009

And the winner is...

We could not have been more surprised than to come home from a day in Fort Cochin to find a small parcel waiting for us. It immediately screamed out Canada Post - the distinctive logo and packaging could be from nowhere else. What could this be? And from whom? Inside the parcel - 2 sticks of candy, a honking bar of chocolate and a copy of The Bowen Island Undercurrent. No note. But the "sender" label told it all - Leanne Romak had purchased goodies for us all and packed them up and shipped them off into the great unknown! Thank you thank you thank you Leanne! Believe it or not, it only took 5 days to arrive - maybe were not so far away after all...?

The boys were thrilled with their candy and scarfed it immediately. The adults are still savouring (one little piece at a time) the luscious Cocoa Camino Dark Espresso Bar which got put in the freezer right away since it was soft in this heat. It lost its temper and has a bit of bloom on it now but we know enough about chocolate to know that a little bloom is a purely aesthetic issue. This chocolate is sooo good that it comes very close to my current favourite from Organic Fair in Cobble Hill (I think it's available at The Ruddy Potato although we first purchased in on a visit to Lucinda and Wayne's fabulous farm in Cobble Hill).

The Undercurrent has been read cover-to-cover. We can read some of it online but much of the detail is missing so it was great to have this reminder of home.

What can we offer Leanne in return? Our undying gratitude? Sincere thanks? Or how about a Curry dinner when we return? We owe you one, Leanne!


svenj said...

Hi Laurel,
A while ago you sent Tammy and I a list of favorites you'd like to be sent to you. In that you also had your address. Would you mind re-sending these to us so we too can employ the mighty Canada Postal Service for your enjoyment.

Rob Bailey said...


I thibnk you are referring to the post
wherein we decry the lack of reggianno cheese and red wine. Far be it from us to publish a list of demands! We really enjoyed your "blog post" from California. Sounds like a great setup there. Made us miss the wine all the more. Hope you guys are doing well. We have many stories to tell upon our return!