Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Lose A Day. Miles Loses His Lunch.

So here we are in Singapore. It's 4:30 AM. We're all up.

We arrived yesterday after a gruelling 20 hour+ trip that saw us fly to Hong Kong, wait an hour and then go on to Singapore. Along the way, we discovered something previously unkown about Miles.

He gets airsick. A lot.

The poor guy just could not keep anything down, and he had his face in a series of barf bags for the entire trip. We all felt really bad for him, as there was nothing we could do for him. Pretty much just dry heaves by the end of the trip, but hey, its good training for university. Laurel and I managed to get a couple of cat naps lasting 15 minutes or so each, but that nice refreshing REM thing remained elusive. All told we were up for about 36 hours. Isaac was fine. Slept well. Played video games. Tucked into several trays of food. I, on the other hand, arrived moderately delirious, and when I went to go freshen up a bit in the washroom, my eyes were so bloodshot, I looked like I had been on the tail end of a 48 hour crack binge.

We got into the hotel, which is basic, but nice. A little shower... A little brushing of the teeth... Good enough for a walkabout. We walked out into 89 degrees and 85% humidity. We grabbed abowl of noodles and a soup, exchanged some cash, and wandered about for a bit. Around 3 PM, we decided to "have a little lie down". I vaguely remember being prodded around 6 PM, but the long and the short of it is this: its the middle of the night, we slept for 12 hours, and now we're all up.

I opened my laptop and did a wireless network search, and after trying a few, I found one unsecured network, but I could only get a connection by standing on the bed and extending my arms fully. But we have a connection! Woo hoo! We got emails from our tenant on Bowen, who has just moved in, appears to be enjoying herself immensely. Another email from Krishnagopal, our friend in Cochin, saying that he thinks he has found a house for us. Furnished. Overlooking the sea in Fort Cochin. It belongs to a friend of his, and more details are forthcoming. Another email from Emma, who says that she got a room in the hotel that we are staying in in Mumbai, and she is on track to meet us there on December 5th. Could it be that all our plans are actually coming together?

So we made quite a sight. Laurel and I checking our with our matching laptops, completely naked, perched on the headboard ledge above our beds. Everytime we want to send or recieve anything, we have to raise our arms fully above our heads, as if praying to the gods of the internet. The fact there is a very large mirror across from us did not help...

So we'll wander about today to try to get used to the heat. Eat some good food. We found an awesome food court in our walk yesterday that we plan to revisit today. I promise to take my camera and get some good photos to post up.


James Glave said...

Poor miles! Oh, how I feel for him.

Tony said...

Yes poor miles!. I am fully engrossed in your Blog, Rob. I am loving each entry, hanging on every word as it were. I can't wait for your next entry. God speed!