Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Crop Is In...

Tomatoes are done for the season and hanging on the vine to ripen. So far, the deer seem disinterested, a trend we hope continues! We grew several types of heirloom varieties this year. First photo is of one luscious tomato. You do the math. Then we see Miles showing off his new haircut. We made an amazing PUTTANESCA sauce (anchovies, capers, tomato, olives, chili flakes) and some homemade fettucine noodles. So easy, and so good! We'll ripen the rest, run them through a food mill, and freeze them in preportioned dinner amounts. Nothing like a pasta suace from your own tomatoes in the middle of winter... Oh yeah. This year our freezer will be thousands of miles away!

PS - Miles is not now, nor has he ever been an endorsee of Nike. He is not affiliated with the Nike Corporation in any way, and has received no promotional consideration in return for the appearance of the Nike logo in this picture. We got the shirt second-hand at a clothing swap sale, end of chat. We apologize for this profound lapse of political correctness.

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